Fourth Green Festival – Forums

Nov 13, 2019

 The Green Forums of the fourth edition of the Green Festival were organized to discuss and address the opportunities and challenges of the green sector in relation to government institutions, international donors and civil society. The focus of the discussed topics was on the skills needed in the efficiency and renewable industry in Kosovo, financing and sourcing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and construction and sustainable urbanism. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) presented their projects on implementing green solutions for homes, businesses and cities, while GIZ presented about advantages and opportunities investing in the recycling business in Kosovo. The international and local speakers presented on different topics including biomass and conditions for its sustainability and opportunities, examples of wastewater treatment/ optimization process for dairy industries, etc. Additionally, on the second day of the Green Forums, the Network for Clean Energy Businesses (N4CEB) meeting was held with the private sector, financing institutions, and academia. The aim of the meeting was to give the private sector a stronger voice, promote a strong network and enhance market development in the energy sector. An estimated 260 people attended the Green Forums during the two days of the event including energy specialists from the public and private sector, local and international financial institutions, donors, students and other related green energy stakeholders. Share on Facebook