Second Green Festival – Parallel Activities

Sep 20, 2017


To promote the importance of 'going green', the festival also included many parallel activities which promoted renewable energy, recycling and the sustainable use of materials, creating much interest among visitors.
The BONEVET creative space had a fascinating display of creations including Kosovo’s first electric car. Bonevet also set up a space showcasing their 3D printers, solar lights, and electric car/working stations. Kosovo architect Astrit Nixha from Anarch raised curiosity with his replica auditorium made from recycled and sustainable materials - the same as the one used in the environmental auditorium documentary “N’shpi te re”, the story behind the Klan Kosova building. Anarch is a leading architectural firm in Kosovo, known for its use of recycled materials in its projects. There were also voting boxes where visitors could vote for their favorite football players with their plastic bottles.ProCredit Bank used a bicycle generator which made light when peddled to promote renewable energy.
Other parallel activities took place at the main city square that highlighted the sustainable use of natural materials through an architectural construct using textile, wood and rammed earth - a technique used for the first time in Kosovo. The multifunctional construct served as a reading corner and solar station where the public could charge their phones.    
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