The enterprise Agrocoop was founded in 1996, as a self-sufficient and self-financed business enterprise. In the early years our main business activity was focused on supplying the farmers and producers with agricultural inputs. Today Agrocoop having strongly established its presence in Kosovo’s market, operates in the following activities: cultivation of flowers, plants, and decorative trees, production and sales of flowers, plants, and decorative trees, trading of various products and materials, designing and landscaping of indoor and outdoor spaces. Since 2017, we have further extended our business activities in Albania, with the establishment of the branch Agrocoop Albania. This branch pursues following activities of production: Production; Cultivation; Trading of ornamental trees and decorative plants. The previously mentioned products are destined for export in the western market in countries such as Italy, Germany, and Netherlands etc.

Rr.Komandant Kumanova  nr.302  Shtime, nr. 720003

 +383 44 389 606