“Alstone group started the business in construction of buildings and public facilities: schools, hospitals and municipalities, then they established three manufacturing business units, concrete production, concreted brick production and varnishes and insulation material production factory opened in 2015. Initially they started the production to supply its mother company in construction business, but recently identified export opportunities and are planning to expand production significantly.

Production of concrete, designing and construction of low and high, business and residential buildings, residential houses, economic facilities, bridges, roads, preparation and dredging of ditches, dehumidification, thermal insulation (facade), waterproofing, renovation (local And flats), sewage systems


Address: Bujar Thaci Nr 11 Rahovec, Kosovo

+383 (0) 49 761 190
+383 (0) 44 301 239

Email: alstone.ks@gmail.com