C-Glass company mainly deals with the production of all types of glass, and especially with the production of Heating Glass , in cooperation with the international company GCEYSSES GROUP.

C-Glass Company is licensed by Belge Glasceysses Group. Belge Glasceysses Gruop won the third place for the best energy coefficient by EU companies.

C-Glass is closely associated with Hoti, which is licensed by the Belgian company for door and window profiles Zendow DECEUNINCK.

Glass types:

  • KELLER Minimal
  • Bespoke Glazing
  • KELLER Glasshouse
  • Heated Glass Cytherm
  • Interior Glazing
  • Exterior Glazing

    Xheva Ladrovci, Drenas 13000, Kosovo

    +377 44 194 893