The company “KAWA Group” was founded on November 18, 2009 by Valon Vataj. After this establishment, a not easy road to work in the construction industry had been laid since 1981 in the village of Sallagrazhdë in Suhareka.Initially worked on institutional projects, but only in 2015 began to build residential complexes. The first “Çelësi i Prishtinës (eng:Pristina Key)” complex was built, which saw record building and sales records. Later, the complex “Hyjnesha (eng:Goddess)” was built. Already since 2019 began construction of the complex “lord Residence” is at the entrance of Pristina, with a completely different level from what has been accomplished so far in the field of construction. Incoming next big project is “Lakeside Gardens” which is in cooperate with “4M Group”. There is a neighborhood with houses near Badovc lake, in village Zllatar, 6 minutes from Prishtina. There are dozens of humanitarian actions, dozens of cleanup actions and other initiatives that underline the company as a society-contributing company. This is the “KAWA Group” that will already be on another pedestal, as it has been since its inception.

  Rruga “Bardhyl Qaushi”, Mati 1, Kompleksi “KAWA – Çelësi i Prishtinës”

 +383 49900850