Proton Cable  is a new factory for production of Low Voltage power cables and conductors.
The factory is based in Prizren. Proton Cable manufacture is  equipped with production lines of latest SIEMENS technology that enables complete control of workflow at each step of production, products are check with laser control and high voltage spark testers on production lines, then all our products are strictly self-audited by our quality control laboratory which is ensuring us to provide continuous quality products to our customers.
The manufacture base allows high volume production to exacting quality standards, enabling company to face challenges of international competition, where technical expertise and individual customer care of the highest standards will be expected.
Today all products that are supplied from Proton Cable are produced based to harmonized standards to VDE and ISO.

 Rruga Tirana p.n. ish Zona Industriale 20000 Prizren

 +383 44665757 +383 44337146