Rizam Holding is a manufacturing company that has been operating since 1989. In 1997, was built a polypropylene sack factory called POLITEKS. It was the first and almost the only one to supply sacks to the entire market of the former Yugoslavia. The first separation was built in 2000 in Krushe e Vogel, which separated and processed gravel from the Drini i Bardhe river. During 2006-2008, the first private factory in Kosovo was built in Krushe e Vogel for production of IZOBLLOK clay construction material. This plant possesses a total of -9 types of clay products (IZOBLLOK 31, Block G-5, CG-5, block wall 12, Chimney Ø160, Chimney Ø180, Chimney Ø200, Ceilings / Monta-14

 Krushe e Vogel, Prizren 20000

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