The Meister Training Center is the first of its kind in the region. The Meister Training Center will play a key role in strengthening and sustaining the economy at the national and regional level. Beneficiaries of the training center will be young people as well as adults, who will help them improve their living conditions as well as their personal income through the acquisition of professional and relevant certification competencies for successful performance. of practice in the training center “TC MEISTER”, will ensure a high level of economic productivity in business and individual terms. Our focus is on developing human resources by making sure there are enough workers with adequate skills, and increasing their numbers and qualifications. The purpose of Meister TC is to make sure that companies have an adequate supply of skilled workers.

 Magjistralja Prishtinë-Ferizaj Km.4 , Llaplaselë,

 +383 44 (0) 49 – 75 75 75