Fourth Green Festival – Green Pavilion

Nov 10, 2019

 Kosovo Manufacturing Club (KMC) has successfully organized the fourth edition of the Kosovo Green Festival. The festival is an initiate and has been organized for the past three years by USAID EMPOWER Private Sector project. Green Festival offers a networking platform for Green Businesses, government agencies, donors, and the purpose of:
  • Promoting the growth of Kosovo green business markets to expand sales and jobs for their local suppliers;
  • Advocating for policy, legal, and regulatory improvements needed for green business growth and;
  • Expanding public awareness of the benefits of adopting green practices and technologies, including ways for citizens to support environmental sustainability.
In the Green Pavilion, 47 local companies displayed their products to the public involved in renewable energy, energy efficiency and recycling. For the first time this edition, the construction sector was included within the Green Pavilion and moving forward this sector will continue to be part of the event with greater participation. Also, for the first time this year’s edition the exhibiting companies had the opportunities to present their innovative products on the stage specifically dedicated to this purpose. The companies that presented their products were Birra Peja - “Eco-Park”, MIAM, KAWA Group, Prova Center and a presentation of a self-initiative of converting a diesel engine into a battery/electric vehicle. Also, during the Green Festival was held the certification ceremony of the first 17 certified engineers for PV design and installation. The number of visitors during the two days of the event was estimated at 2,900. However, over the course of the Festival, exhibitors reported having tracked around 6,630 visitors, which represents the cumulative number of visits recorded by the companies (this may include individuals who visited more than one booth once they entered the Green Festival). Exhibitors reported around 673 valuable contacts, which are considered those who showed a more in-depth interest and might be potential “hot leads” in the coming period. In terms of sales, 11 companies declared € 1,205,900 in potential new sales deals. The organization, architecture and logistics of the fourth edition of the Green Festival were widely praised by the exhibiting companies and most companies stated that such an event is indispensable in our country. Share on Facebook