Fourth Green Festival – Parallel Activities

Nov 12, 2019

 In the Green Festival, the additional activities so-called “Parallel Activities” were included to encourage public awareness of the benefits of adopting green practices and technologies and to support environmental sustainability. In order to directly involve the citizens, two different workshops were organized and raised high interest from visitors: (i) “Made in Kosova” workshop from SOS Children’s Villages of Kosovo that was supported by KMC and ERTEV foundation, conducted “green” training on wood designs and mechatronics. During the two days of the event, there were around 55 pupils involved in these workshops from five elementary schools in Prishtina (“Gjergj Fishta”, Emin Duraku”, “Xhavit Ahmeti”, “Asim Vokshi” and “Ismail Qemali“), that made different wood design products with a particular focus on environmental protection and renewable energy. ii) “Virtual Welding” workshop was offered by BONEVET the innovative training provider from Kosovo, where Kosovo’s youngsters had the opportunities to be engaged in augmented reality technology with the aim of promoting and adopting green technologies to the broader audience. The technology used during this training help to reduce CO2 emissions of the welding programs. BONEVET also presented their latest product “Electric Buggy” and promoted the recycling of materials, robotics and renewable energy. In addition, a prototype of sustainable architecture was presented with natural stone cobbles pavement and stone walls for the “City Gardens” project by the famous London-based architectural design firm 4M Group2 . Additionally, local start-up innovative green companies founded by youngsters that attracted a lot of public attention were MIAM, Te Pema, Eco-Kos and DYVÓ. Authentic paintings and photographs were exhibited from the green activities of Keep it Green, NGO, and a Tesla car was also displayed by Green Power Kosovo along with the electric vehicle charging equipment. Share on Facebook