Haradinaj Requests Suspension of Procedures for Construction of Hydropower Plants in Lumbardh

Feb 26, 2019


The project for the construction of the hydropower plants in the river "Lumbardhi" by "KelKos-Energy Peja" has been opposed by citizens and environmental protection activists in Kosovo. This project was evaluated to have met the technical criteria by the Inter-Ministerial Commission for Strategic Investments for the investment of 97 million euros for the construction of hydropower plants in Lumbardh.

On Monday, a protest was held in Peja against the construction of the Hydropower Plants. Residents of this area say that the construction of hydropower plants in Rugova will destroy the ecosystem of this area and will undermine the development of tourism. Citizens also mention the hydropower plants built by KelKos-Energy in Deçan and the degradation of the environment in that area.

The mayor of Peja has also objected this project. With a letter addressed to Minister of Trade and Industry, Endrit Shala, the mayor of Peja said that construction of hydropower plants in the flow of Lumbardhi is in contradiction with the Development Plan of the Municipality of Peja.

Minister Shala responded to this letter saying, "We have only considered the application, which is the sole responsibility of the Ministry. Other institutions have the responsibility to issue licenses for the company to build a hydroelectric plant. I had a meeting with the Mayor of Peja, acknowledged his concerns and I will present all these concerns in the next meeting of the inter-ministerial community."

Following the reaction of the citizens, Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj requested the suspension of the continuation of procedures until the environmental impact analysis of this project is made.

"After the protest of the citizens in Peja and the legitimate concerns raised by the representatives of the Rugova community about the project of construction of hydropower plants in Lumbardh, I requested from the ministry lines the immediate termination of further procedures until there is a clear image of the scale of impact of this project on the environment. Projects, which are in conflict with the interests of residents of the Rugova area, will never pass, "Haradinaj said.

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