JAHA Solar – the First Solar Panels Manufacturer in Kosovo

Sep 21, 2017


While the world is rapidly shifting towards green energy, one company in Kosovo is quickly catching up. JAHA Solar is the first manufacturing company to produce photovoltaic solar panels in Kosovo and the region. Established just last year, the company currently has a professional staff of 37, 11 of which are mostly women engineers.
The strong potential for growth and employment in the green energy sector in Kosovo influenced EMPOWERPrivateSector in partnership with Sida - Styrelsen för Internationellt Utvecklingssamarbete to partner with Jaha Solar on several different initiatives. One of these initiatives is the Solar Roofs Pilot Project which aims to promote solar panel installations and incentivizes the use of renewable energy resources in businesses and homes as part of a wider “clean and green energy” effort.
EMPOWER Private Sector has also supported Jaha Solar to obtain necessary product quality certificates for its solar panels. Once the company obtains the certificates, it will be able to expand its production capacities and increase exports.
If you are interested to be part of the Solar Roofs Pilot Project, check out the link below: http://empowerkosovo.org/solar/
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