Peja Municipality Mayor is Against the Building of Hydropower Plants in the Stream of Lumbardhi

Feb 21, 2019


After the news that the investor "KelKos-Energy Peja LLC" met the technical criteria for the investment of 97 million euros in the Municipality of Peja, for the construction of hydropower plants in the stream of Lumbardhi river, the Mayor of Peja, Gazmend Muhaxheri reacted through a letter addressed to the Minister of Trade and Industry, Endrit Shala.

In this letter, Muhaxheri indicates that "The Municipal Development Plan, approved by the Municipality of Peja, categorically prohibits the construction of hydropower plants or projects for the energy generator in the mainstream of Lumbardhi". Muhaxheri also mentions the environmental damage caused by similar projects in the Deçan Gorge.

"Let me inform you that this project is from 2012, and it has taken all this time because the documentation that was approved in the Municipality of Peja, namely the Municipal Development Plan, categorically prohibits the construction of hydropower or projects for energy production in the mainstream of Lumbardhi. And we have to keep in mind that the projects that have been developed nearby, especially in the Deçan Gorge by the same investor, have had colossal environmental damage colossal, so we have taken our actions and stopped any communication with the investor, it is said in the Muhaxheri’s letter.

The letter further states that the Ministry has notified before Municipality of Peja only a few minutes before the meeting and requested to be notified five days in advance for projects regarding the Municipality of Peja.

Among others, Muhaxheri on said that if allowed, the construction of this hydropower plant will block 25 kilometers of river flow and that Peja’s main pillar of sustainable economic development is tourism in the Rugova Gorge.

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