Vushtrri Municipality moves towards being an ecological town

Apr 5, 2019


Vushtrri Municipality with financial support from various donors is developing reforms in the field of waste management and pilot projects of major importance to the environment.

Thus, as part of waste recycling projects, the network of separation and collection of recyclable waste at source will be expanded, including households in the area at the former cemetery of the city. The supply of bins for recyclable waste in the area at the former cemetery of the city will begin on Monday, 08 April.

This year it is foreseen that about 800 households, all educational institutions and businesses in the center area of ​​Vushtrri Municipality will implement the waste separation scheme. There will be a separate schedule for the collection of recyclable waste, for which the citizens will be notified through the official website (

The Municipality of Vushtrri invites the citizens of the Municipality to contribute to the preservation of the environment and to the implementation of the waste recycling schemes in order to create a sustainable system for an ecological city.

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